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Use of laundry bag

Time:2021-06-03 00:00:00

There are two kinds of laundry bags, one is to put the clothes on the clothes, and then put the clothes in the washing machine to wash, this kind is to prevent the clothes from entanglement and deformation.   The other is to put on the clothes after washing, to prevent dust.

Packed in a laundry bag, in order to ensure that the clothes will not be crumpled when they are dried, it is better to use less clothes. Therefore, the drying capacity of the washing machine is generally about 1/2 of the washing capacity. Clothes of special materials are not suitable for drying in the washing machine: such as sponge latex, rubber or silk clothes, such as shoulder pads, etc. cannot be put in the washing machine to dry; volatile substances are very flammable, and they are stained with organic oil or removed The clothes that have been treated with oil can not be dried in the machine; sleeping bags, feathers, pillows and blankets will swell and hinder the air flow in the machine, so it is not suitable to use the drying function.

It can wash multiple clothes at the same time, which is convenient and economical. It is not easy to wrinkle or deform. It can be safely used in the washing machine. The mesh fabric does not hurt the clothes. It feels like hand washing. You can use the ultra-fine mesh surface to prevent pilling. Phenomenon, it can also be washed together with other clothes. It can be used in fully automatic, two-tank, drum-type washing machines.

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