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Shopping basket-faithful shopping companion around you

Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

Shopping basket, English name: shopping basket

Shopping baskets are also called "shopping baskets" and "shopping baskets", which can be divided into solid shopping baskets and foldable shopping baskets.

A solid shopping basket means a fixed shape and cannot be folded. It often appears in large supermarkets and is mostly made of plastic and stainless steel wire, which bears a heavy load.

The foldable shopping basket is a new shopping basket designed to save space and be easy to carry. It is mostly suitable for families and individuals, and is used for the transportation and storage of small commodities such as shopping and selling vegetables. The materials of the foldable shopping basket are mostly waterproof cloth and metal hollow tubes.

The tarpaulin is usually Oxford cloth, which is resistant to abrasion and easy to scrub. Metal hollow pipes are usually aluminum pipes and iron pipes, which are light in weight and easy to carry. The cancellation of the free provision of plastic shopping bags has prompted more consumers to tend to purchase household shopping baskets individually. The foldable shopping basket has become the first choice.

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